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보수단체 자유애국모임은 9일(금) 오후 3시~4시에 평창올림픽경기장 인근 횡계로터리에서 <북한의 위장평화공세 규탄 기자회견>을 갖는다고 밝혔다.

이하 영문 성명서 전문

A Statement against N. Korea's Counterfeit Peace Propaganda.

Urging to isolate Kim Jong-un completely!

We welcome athletes and the representatives from all over the world participating in Pyeongchang Olympics. We expect the fair plays and the challenges to go beyond human limits in this world sports festival.

But we strongly oppose the North Korean regime to abuse this Olympics as the stage for deceiving and threatening the world. Kim Jong-un is trying to drive a wedge between the international community to weaken economic sanctions choking him.

We as citizens of R.O.K are very ashamed of the Moon Jae-in administration. It has helped N.Korea abuse Olympics as a stage for counterfeit peace propaganda.

North Korea is hell-like place for the average residents forced slavery only for Kim and his subordinates. They have kept an eye on innocent residents everywhere at any time and have maintained notorious prison camps on a grand scale. Only for their eternal power have they pursued Nuke at the expense of innocent North Koreans. Even when North Koreans were starving to death in 1990's, They had left innocent millions to die.

Moreover, North Korea has massive chemical, biological weapons, which was used to assassinate Kim Jong Nam. Historically N.K has transferred their weapons and technologies to anyone willing to pay regardless of who the buyer is.

We strongly urge to the world citizens!!!

In this present crisis N.K' threat is not confined only to S. Korea, U.S and Japan. Today N. K issue has reached at the stage for us to worry about not only direct attack, but spreading of N. Korean mass destructive weapons.

Unless we take them down collectively now, We'll find adversaries and terrorists armed with mass destructive in the near future.

Economic sanctions are aimed at the core people and forces supporting Kim to turn their backs and to make Kim isolated from average N.Koreans, which would lead to force Kim to quit Nuke for maintaining control power.

Until now, international efforts for denuclearizing N.K have failed. But today the situations are quite different from the past. At that time, we had a time to wait and the priorities of related nations were significantly different. But today N.K is on the threshold to completing its capabilities and the whole world are worrying about proliferation of N.K's mass destructive.

Even though this effort fails, stronger sanctions will weaken N.K's military capabilities, which remarkably leads to minimize damages in the following inevitable military action.

Success in denuclearizing N.K would be the best blessing to mankind since the collapse of communism. History will write it one of the shining examples settling a crisis with international cooperation.

Finally, we want to give deep thanks to the international community, especially Trump administration for the special efforts recently done.

Association of Korean Patriots

Co-President : Jaechun Lee, Suk-Woo Kim, Youngju Koh, Tongahn Yang

Executive Committee : Chulhong Kim, Woo Suk Cho, Sung Hee Chung,

Ceong Wook Kim, Sang-guk Kim

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